One-to-One Yoga

Private yoga personal training gives you the opportunity to work one-on-one with our registered yoga teachers giving you optimum attention and personal progression, ensuring that you get the most out of your time and effort. Our yoga instructors will work with you on an individual basis helping you to learn correct technique and proper alignment for your body type. Any injuries you have will be taken into account so that routines can be safely modified for your personal ability.

Our yoga personal trainers are fully mobile nationwide and will travel to you at a time and place that's convenient. You can train in the comfort of your home, office or local park and each session will be tailored to your specific needs, helping you to build confidence quickly and safely. Within just a few weeks of private yoga sessions you will feel more toned and flexible, less stressed and more relaxed. Our yoga sessions can also help clients to sleep better, improve their digestion and alleviate neck and backache.

Small Group Yoga Classes

If you would like to share your session with a partner or a small group of friends, our yoga trainers can tailor a private class to suit your groups needs. Unlike large studio yoga classes, where individual mistakes can sometimes go unnoticed, our small group setting ensures that our yoga professionals are able to provide constant individualised feedback to each member of the class on form and safety. Sessions can take place in your home, office or outdoors in your local park.
If you would like to book a free consultation then please contact us and we can arrange a consultation with the trainer best suited to you.


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